Monday, January 18, 2016

Eunice Cofie and Nuekie...a Good Story

Here's a good story.

Today I was contacted by EUNICE COFIE the founder of  a cosmetic company in Florida. She  is President and Chief Cosmetic chemist of  NUEKIE, which provides innovative dermatological products for women and men with skin of color. Eunice and her company have been cited repeatedly as a model startup businesses by both state and national organizations including Forbes Magazine. 

She asked me if the principles of the Moral Premise "can be applied to developing stories for TV commercials as well as developing stories for medical textbooks?" She wrote that she wants "to find innovative ways in using storytelling through TV commercials for my company as well as through medical textbooks."

Of course, I told her "Yes," since the moral premise effects all aspects of all stories' structure to guarantee it will connect emotionally with audiences.  But the storytelling rules that relate to the crux of a story (the moral premise) are layered. The more of them that are followed, the more successful the story and communication will be.

Ironically, there is a story about Eunice on Nuekie's website and how she happened to start NUEKIE in 2013. With her permission I've shared it below. It follows the core principles of the moral premise very well. It's worth watching. In fact, I couldn't help but think a narrative movie about Eunice and Nuekie founding might find an audience. The elements are all there.

Enjoy! Learn! Stories are so great.

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