Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hook Exercise Results

I've run this exercise before in my workshops, but rarely have I received the results that I did in Dallas at the T.D. Jakes Film Festival workshops on August 30, 2013. After several slides explaining the first Secret of Successful Stories, an Ironic Hook, I asked the participants to write down their ideas and pass them forward. Here, with some minor editing, is what came to me — grist for the story mill. I have no names, so if you turn one of these into a book or movie, be sure to give credit to the "T.D. Jakes IFFFF Moral Premise Workshop Participants"

Cancer 9-1-1
The Baby Teacher
Babies Raising Moms
Big Shoes, Little Feet
Sugar Ain't Sweet
A life insurance salesman is a serial killer
An Army Drill Sargent gets elected POTUS
Female POTUS appoints all male cabinet
Navy seal appointed commander at West Point
A bird is afraid of heights
A bear raises a boy in the wild
A Grandma becomes an astronaut
An alien becomes a civil war hero
A man takes over the world with an army of Shih Tzu
Due to climate upheaval Manhatten and Florida switch places
Skateboading park on the moon
Strong man fights army with large bone
A man can't fall
A man to lazy to cook sells his inheritance for a sandwich
The adventures of a quadriplegic world traveler
Black girl from Louisiana becomes 5-Star Chef in Italy
A beautiful white woman wakes up as a black woman the morning of wedding
A retired madam starts a church
A man wakes up from a coma as a woman
A man is unable to speak until he turns 30
A baby disarms a mad assailant.
A musical chair
A preacher is possessed by the devil
Boy with no hands plays the guitar
Preacher summoned to be a wartime spy
A dysfunctional family functions
Blind white racist falls for a black woman pairs up a black racist with with white racist.

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