Friday, August 2, 2013

T.D. Jakes Film Festival Workshop Presentations and Treatment Contest

Mike Epps (L) talks to T.D. Jakes (R) on the set of the hit movie Sparkle.
For those of you in Texas, especially near Dallas, let me invite you to the International Faith & Family Film Festival (IFFFF) (Home Page:  run by T.D. Jakes Enterprises. T.D. Jakes is an internationally known pastor, writer, producer and actor of several films. Here's his IMDB page:

The IFFFF is actually part of TDJE's Megafest held in Texas August 29-31, 2013. As part of the film track, I've been asked to run the Screenwriting program, which will consist of two master class workshops on August 30 and 31, plus facilitate the Short Treatment Contest, the winner of which will get a development deal with the film production arm of TDJE. Submission guidelines can be found here:

The two workshops are titled: 

Workshop Day 1 (3 hours): "The 21 Secrets of Successful Motion Picture Stories: How to tell box office successful stories that connect and engage audiences about what is good, true, and beautiful."

Workshop Day 2 (3-hours): "Irony, Goals and Subplots: How to create diverse, well-rounded characters on a single moral theme that connects with audiences."


Denise Griggs said...

Loved this class! Helped me to clarify how to develop screenplays for my books. Dr. Stan was very informative and helpful in his constructive criticism and teaching style. I am sooooo appreciative!

Shelia Goss said...

Thank you so much for facilitating this class. I learned so much. I highly recommend this workshop.

VeeSt C. said...

I loved the class also. Unfortunately I was only able to attend the first day. I would love to down load the PPT. The links don't seem to work.

Stanley D. Williams said...

VeeSt C.
The links work, but they are links to PDF downloads. That means the PDF will download to your computer and that will take a few minutes because each file is large. Depending on how your computer is set up, you'll see the download progress or not.

VeeSt C. said...

Thanks for clarifying the process. It worked and I was able to download the PPT.
Thanks also for keeping your word. I've been to a few christian writers' conference where the speakers say participants will be able to access the ppt later or they will email the ppt if participants provide email addresses. You are the first speaker to actually keep your word.
The workshop helped to hone and refine the plot and characters in my story. I'm hoping we could find a way to continue the workshop on-line. Perhaps there is enough interest to offer a virtual workshop. Are there other folks who may be interested in such a workshop? I'd love to hear.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Stan. Wondering if a winner has been selected.

Stanley D. Williams said...

As of October 22 I have not heard if a winner to the contest was announced. I keep bugging my connection (one step removed from TD Jake organization) but have heard nothing. Sorry about that. Write the bishop.