Friday, July 27, 2012

George Lucas in Love

One of the best "student films" (it's actually not) I've ever seen is Joe Nussbaum's parody GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE. I use this in all my story classes. In only 8 minutes it encapsulates a perfect moral premise, a great arc for the protagonist, uses metaphor, and is just plain funny. One of its geniuses was the filmmakers ability to get a cast that  actually looks like the characters they are parodying.Can you figure out the moral premise? In fact, the Moment of Grace SCENE is structured with 13 beats just like a full length movie.  Simply amazing story work and production. Thank you Joe Nussbaum and team. (See the Making Of....) below  the movie link.

Here's the Making of Interviews, one of two "Making Of GLIL" I know of.

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