Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oregon Bloggers Discover Moral Premise

Today (9/4/08, actually) I received this nice email:
Dr. Williams,

I recently read your book, The Moral Premise, and enjoyed it greatly! Last year I co-taught a Faith and Film class at Mosaic Church in Portland, Oregon ( and I taught on the narrative structure of movies and determining the message of movies. Your book was the best resource I consulted. I used the moral premise as a way to help people determine the message, or controlling idea, that the movie intended to convey.

My co-teacher, Martin Baggs, and I led a monthly Faith and Film group for Mosaic Church. For each movie we viewed and discussed, I led the group in looking at the structure and message and framed the message in the terms outlined in your book. People really responded well to articulating the message of the movie in this way.

Martin, my co-teacher, began a blog of movie reviews and referenced your materials.

I also started a blog recently focused on the structure and message of stories and referenced your work also.

I posted a blog entry today referencing your book and explaining the moral premise. In my list of recommendations, I included your book, website and blog. I do hope that my referencing your materials encourages people to view the blog and website and hopefully by your book!

Ryan Blue
Gresham, OR
Thanks, Ryan. Your two blogs look very interesting. I'm sure to read more.


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